Into The Abyss (Demons of Astlan Book 1) by J. Langland

A teenager in a new town is trying to make friends. When an acquaintance invites him to a party he decides to give it a try.  At the party he is passed a joint and giving it a try feels like he’s being pulled out of his body.  What do you do when you come from a tech world and you’ve been pulled into a magic world.  Not only that, when you were pulled out of your body they thought they were summoning a demon.  So now you have a demon body and these jerks keep summoning you and no one will believe you’re a teenager from New Jersey.

I think we can all agree this an interesting premise.  Honestly I expecting a tiny little book with a few cool ideas.  Instead I got what seemed like two books worth of world building and a load different interesting characters.  All about one high school student/greater demon trying to survive in a new and confusing world.  And I kind of enjoy the stories where the main character wanders around asking themselves if this is all real or maybe they’re in a comma some where or something.  Deep story line reminds me of the kind of depth you get from Eric Flint.  The kind where there is world building about the world that preceded this one so you can understand some of the back ground of this one.

This book is PG-13 in the neighborhood of Goonies.  The language is sometimes inappropriate and generally a range of humor from sophomoric to very dry depending on the character.  I’d consider this High school to Early college reading level.  I cared about the main character and hoped he would succeed.  I would describe this story as man against the world fantasy.  There’s no Mary Sue issues so the story follows it’s own rules nicely.  Good book in a good series.


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Super Villain Dad (Cape High Series Book 1) by R.J. Ross

So you’re a twin and you and your sibling start noticing strange things.  When she gets near electronics they explode.  When you get near plants they lean towards you.  Oh, and you’re in the foster system cause your mom disappeared two years ago.  What do you do?  Well these to feisty fifteen year-old’s notice a strong resemblance to a male super, unfortunately he’s a super villain, and he’s in super jail.

I really like books that make me laugh out loud.  This one succeeds all the time.  It’s the first of currently 15 books in a series.  It’s interesting in that the main character changes for each book giving you an inside look at all the characters in the series one at a time.  In this first one you see just enough world building to set the stage for all the follow up stories.  I enjoyed the fact that the super hero versus super villain battles are scripted and staged for the most part almost like pro wrestling.  It’s a show and when a building gets knocked down it was up for demolition any way.  And when a super killer pops up both sides put a stop to it.  It’s a great book in a great series.

This book is PG.  I don’t even recall any curse words in it.  There is a little teen romance but it’s on the level of hand holding, literally.  There may have been hugging.  The reading level is around High School.  It’s considered a teen or young-adult book but don’t let that stop you from enjoying it.  It starts to paint a very wonderful world.  This whole series cheers me up every time I read it.

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So a while back I managed to get distracted a lose a whole website.

It’s a funny little story with many parts.  First I get some strange charges on my credit card.  So I dispute them and cancel receiving a new one in the mail.  Then I get pulled into the family business to help out while they deal with their cancer diagnosis.  In the middle of this my site stops coming up.  Not my priority at the time.  So the cancer gets taken care of and everything has slowed down again and wouldn’t you know it.  My site is still down.  Seems that credit card was the one I was paying my host with and since it’s been more than thirty days all data is gone.  So I’m starting over from scratch.  I’m hoping to make a better go of it this time.

I’m going to focus on books.  I promise never to review a book I haven’t read.  If I don’t finish the book I won’t review it either.  I may segue into movies and other forms of entertainment but that’s for later.  For now, it’s books all the way.  I may post my book list from Amazon and Baen.  If you see a book there that you want to know about drop me a note and I’ll review it next.  My hope in writing these reviews is to allow you to find a book to enjoy that you might of otherwise missed.  Stay tuned for the first review.  I’ll try to do one a day until I can’t anymore.

Under a Graveyard Sky (Black Tide Rising Book 1) by John Ringo

Under a Graveyard Sky

The world is going down in flames and the answers are coming too slowly.  An infection is spreading and it’s origins are unknown.  It appears to be everywhere around the earth before it is even noticed.  One family is trying to survive what may well be the end of the world.  There is one question to answer though, is survival enough?

This book had me from the first chapter.  Watching the the mad scramble as society notices something is wrong left me unable to look away.  Parts of this story touched me so deeply they brought tears to my eyes while others caused me to laugh out loud.  So, without giving much away there are zombies.  Bio-zombies not mystical-zombies.  And when someone got footage of a person in full coverage body armor getting knocked down in hand to hand with a bunch of zombies wielding a halligan tool, something like a very large crow bar, and then set it to Tubthumping by Chumbawumba I had to start laughing.   The author is able to elicit strong emotional ties between his readers and his characters and that makes the story even better.  I can’t remember how many times I’ve read this book but I’ve enjoyed it every time.

I figured I should start with one of my favorite books in one of my favorite series by one of my favorite authors.  This book is at least PG-13 but only in the eighties.  So I’ll have to call it an R for language and absolutely amazing violence.  I can’t really call it out for nudity, while there is considerable nudity, it’s a book so, no pictures and no issue.  While there are some allusions to sexual situations they are not described and are not often.

I would have to describe the type of book as post apocalyptic with a strong family theme and a pragmatic form of humanitarianism.  The main characters are strong and driven.  They remind me in some ways of the very competent characters from Heinlein’s stories without his tendency to concentrate all of it into one character.  It’s a team effort with a prior service military bent.  The story pulls no punches and has a depth of character development I found intriguing.  I would describe this as at least a 12th grade reading level with some specialized aspects related to the military.


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