Into The Abyss (Demons of Astlan Book 1) by J. Langland

A teenager in a new town is trying to make friends. When an acquaintance invites him to a party he decides to give it a try.  At the party he is passed a joint and giving it a try feels like he’s being pulled out of his body.  What do you do when you come from a tech world and you’ve been pulled into a magic world.  Not only that, when you were pulled out of your body they thought they were summoning a demon.  So now you have a demon body and these jerks keep summoning you and no one will believe you’re a teenager from New Jersey.

I think we can all agree this an interesting premise.  Honestly I expecting a tiny little book with a few cool ideas.  Instead I got what seemed like two books worth of world building and a load different interesting characters.  All about one high school student/greater demon trying to survive in a new and confusing world.  And I kind of enjoy the stories where the main character wanders around asking themselves if this is all real or maybe they’re in a comma some where or something.  Deep story line reminds me of the kind of depth you get from Eric Flint.  The kind where there is world building about the world that preceded this one so you can understand some of the back ground of this one.

This book is PG-13 in the neighborhood of Goonies.  The language is sometimes inappropriate and generally a range of humor from sophomoric to very dry depending on the character.  I’d consider this High school to Early college reading level.  I cared about the main character and hoped he would succeed.  I would describe this story as man against the world fantasy.  There’s no Mary Sue issues so the story follows it’s own rules nicely.  Good book in a good series.


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