So a while back I managed to get distracted a lose a whole website.

It’s a funny little story with many parts.  First I get some strange charges on my credit card.  So I dispute them and cancel receiving a new one in the mail.  Then I get pulled into the family business to help out while they deal with their cancer diagnosis.  In the middle of this my site stops coming up.  Not my priority at the time.  So the cancer gets taken care of and everything has slowed down again and wouldn’t you know it.  My site is still down.  Seems that credit card was the one I was paying my host with and since it’s been more than thirty days all data is gone.  So I’m starting over from scratch.  I’m hoping to make a better go of it this time.

I’m going to focus on books.  I promise never to review a book I haven’t read.  If I don’t finish the book I won’t review it either.  I may segue into movies and other forms of entertainment but that’s for later.  For now, it’s books all the way.  I may post my book list from Amazon and Baen.  If you see a book there that you want to know about drop me a note and I’ll review it next.  My hope in writing these reviews is to allow you to find a book to enjoy that you might of otherwise missed.  Stay tuned for the first review.  I’ll try to do one a day until I can’t anymore.

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