Super Villain Dad (Cape High Series Book 1) by R.J. Ross

So you’re a twin and you and your sibling start noticing strange things.  When she gets near electronics they explode.  When you get near plants they lean towards you.  Oh, and you’re in the foster system cause your mom disappeared two years ago.  What do you do?  Well these to feisty fifteen year-old’s notice a strong resemblance to a male super, unfortunately he’s a super villain, and he’s in super jail.

I really like books that make me laugh out loud.  This one succeeds all the time.  It’s the first of currently 15 books in a series.  It’s interesting in that the main character changes for each book giving you an inside look at all the characters in the series one at a time.  In this first one you see just enough world building to set the stage for all the follow up stories.  I enjoyed the fact that the super hero versus super villain battles are scripted and staged for the most part almost like pro wrestling.  It’s a show and when a building gets knocked down it was up for demolition any way.  And when a super killer pops up both sides put a stop to it.  It’s a great book in a great series.

This book is PG.  I don’t even recall any curse words in it.  There is a little teen romance but it’s on the level of hand holding, literally.  There may have been hugging.  The reading level is around High School.  It’s considered a teen or young-adult book but don’t let that stop you from enjoying it.  It starts to paint a very wonderful world.  This whole series cheers me up every time I read it.

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