Under a Graveyard Sky (Black Tide Rising Book 1) by John Ringo

Under a Graveyard Sky

The world is going down in flames and the answers are coming too slowly.  An infection is spreading and it’s origins are unknown.  It appears to be everywhere around the earth before it is even noticed.  One family is trying to survive what may well be the end of the world.  There is one question to answer though, is survival enough?

This book had me from the first chapter.  Watching the the mad scramble as society notices something is wrong left me unable to look away.  Parts of this story touched me so deeply they brought tears to my eyes while others caused me to laugh out loud.  So, without giving much away there are zombies.  Bio-zombies not mystical-zombies.  And when someone got footage of a person in full coverage body armor getting knocked down in hand to hand with a bunch of zombies wielding a halligan tool, something like a very large crow bar, and then set it to Tubthumping by Chumbawumba I had to start laughing.   The author is able to elicit strong emotional ties between his readers and his characters and that makes the story even better.  I can’t remember how many times I’ve read this book but I’ve enjoyed it every time.

I figured I should start with one of my favorite books in one of my favorite series by one of my favorite authors.  This book is at least PG-13 but only in the eighties.  So I’ll have to call it an R for language and absolutely amazing violence.  I can’t really call it out for nudity, while there is considerable nudity, it’s a book so, no pictures and no issue.  While there are some allusions to sexual situations they are not described and are not often.

I would have to describe the type of book as post apocalyptic with a strong family theme and a pragmatic form of humanitarianism.  The main characters are strong and driven.  They remind me in some ways of the very competent characters from Heinlein’s stories without his tendency to concentrate all of it into one character.  It’s a team effort with a prior service military bent.  The story pulls no punches and has a depth of character development I found intriguing.  I would describe this as at least a 12th grade reading level with some specialized aspects related to the military.


This book can be found at  or at Baen Ebooks where it can be downloaded in multiple formats.